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Started in February 2009 — back when designers were just gaining the ability to put custom fonts on the web — we opened our doors with a font, a manifesto, and a calling — to raise the design standards of the web.

We're proud to have helped start the revolution of open-source typography, and we care deeply about good typography, design, and empowering people by teaching.

All our fonts are free to use however and wherever you need, to build on and learn from. We survive on donations, membership, and education.

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League Mono by Tyler Finck
League Spartan by Caroline Hadilaksono, Micah Rich, & Tyler Finck
Ostrich Sans by Tyler Finck
Junction by Caroline Hadilaksono, & Tyler Finck
League Gothic by Caroline Hadilaksono, Micah Rich, & Tyler Finck
Blackout by Tyler Finck
Knewave by Tyler Finck
Fanwood by Barry Schwartz
Linden Hill by Barry Schwartz
League Script by Haley Fiege
Raleway by Matt McInerney
Prociono by Barry Schwartz
Orbitron by Matt McInerney
Goudy Bookletter 1911 by Barry Schwartz
Sorts Mill Goudy by Barry Schwartz
Chunk by Meredith Mandel
Sniglet by Haley Fiege

Design & production copyright 2009 - 2019 by Micah Rich, The League of Moveable Type, and individuals as credited. All fonts from The League of Moveable Type are subject to the Open Font License and are free and open-source.